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3411 Old Columbiana Road Hoover, Al 35216
Mon-Sat: 10:00-5:30 Sun: 1:30pm - 5:30pm
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Announcements, Friends

Visit sister store Urban Suburban Antiques, winner of al.com's Birmingham's Best Antique Store and ALSO voted best antique store in the 2012 Birmingham Magazine reader poll!

Lay-a-way, Moving, and Storage

We DO have a lay-a-way program! Our policy consists of a minimum purchase of $100 to qualify for lay-a-way. Its a 60 day lay-a-way, 1/3 down - 1/3 in 30 days and final payment in 60 days.

Our furniture moving and storage policy:

We will only hold furniture for 60 days after date of purchase. After that a $2.00 per day fee will be added per item.

We do not load furniture on rainy or misty days as it may ruin a finish or damage your antique. We do not load funiture after dark.

We do not furnish wrapping supplies such as blankets, boxes or wrapping materials for large items. We also do not supply rope or twine for tying products down. If you have rope, we will assist you in tying your items but we are not professional movers or packers.

Ideas and Inspiration

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New York churches from a very different perspective


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About Us

Hoover Antique Gallery is an antique lover's dream. Under the ownership of Chris Feagin you will find carefully selected, hand chosen items to fit any budget.

There are 75 unique vendors under one roof and 18,000 square feet to explore in a welcoming atmosphere with a very pleasant and experienced staff to assist you.

There is a wide variety of antique furniture, collectibles, crystal and silver, vintage jewlery and much more to make your antiquing adventure enjoyable.

Whether you are a designer, collector, or a novice you will be certain to find that special item for yourself, your home or office, even a special gift. Please visit us soon at our convienient location just off Hwy 31 in the heart of Hoover. We are open daily to assist you and appriciate your buisness!

Look for our ads in publications such as The Birmingham News, Birmingham Magazine, and About Town.